In-Depth: Utah’s First Lady launches new service campaign

The Ugly Effects of Secret Societies And the Modern Society

People who have been members of secret societies tell the ugly stories of what they were made to pass through beginning from the time of initiation. Apart from being devilish, costly and discriminatory, secret societies have been known to generate unnecessary conflicts.

Commission of Inquiry – A Square Peg In a Round Hole

It is observed that when anything serious happens, the government always disappoint the citizens by keeping mute or reacting in a very slow but discouraging manner. It is also known that setting up a Commission of Inquiry has always been the government’s way of reacting to any form of crises, no matter how serious. In most cases, people are made to believe that the government had no intention of bringing about a lasting solution to these problems.

The Importance of Kolanut in Igboland

Kolanut is one unique symbol that has stood valuable in the midst of the whole tribes of Nigeria. It is largely cultivated in the west, consumed in the north and valued high in the East. The kolanut is widely accepted as an honour in the welcoming of strangers and the saying goes that kolanut only understands local languages.

Ireland’s Alcohol Priority

The Irish Government has implemented the toughest budget in its history. Public spending has been slashed and taxes raised, affecting carers, those with disabilities, students and parents. Not drinkers however. Alcohol duty has not been increased. What does this say about Ireland? Is it really a country that takes money from people with a disability and gives it to drinkers?

The Marginalization of the Igbo In Nigeria

In Nigeria, the Igbo are seen to be marginalized in all aspects of life, be it political, social and economical. While we cry against marginalization within the country, many Igbo people have actually cheated on their people. The attitude of so many Igbo people in recent times is more threatening than the external marginalization we are crying against.

What if History Repeats and China Turns Inward Again?

During the Ming dynasty in China Admiral Zheng sailed his treasure fleet throughout the Atlantic, and much of the Pacific Ocean, as well as, all of the Indian Ocean. But then something interesting happened after that, as Confucianism set in, China turned inward, and the plans to build the ships were destroyed, and the ships were not to sail again. Currently, China is busy going all over the world gathering up resources such as coal, oil, and minerals, etc. and once again it has the world’s largest Naval fleet.

Igbo: I Go Before Others – A Divine Mandate

The name a person bears often tells more about that person than what he/she claims to be. There is power in the name we bear as individuals, or as a group. Today, most people try to change their names to something better, which will actually speak well of them, or reflect what they believe for themselves, both now and in the future. The name “Igbo” which I see today as an acronym of “I Go Before Others” is a challenge to the Igbo people with the position of leadership. This tells us that the Igbo who are presently living in Nigeria are actually a ruling class, and this leadership quality is a mandate from God.

The United Nations Gets Religion! (Mayan)

Oh, great Ixchel, aged Mayan jaguar goddess of midwifery and medicine who set the universe in motion, Lady of the Rainbow, water goddess, consort to Votan, goddess of the moon, of reason, creativity and weaving! May you shed reason and shine your light upon the dim bulbs of the United Nations! That blessing should be granted to the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change if Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the gathering, gets her wish.

Pakistan: War On Terror

The article is about the role of Pakistan in the current war on terror. National interest of every country determines the policies. Blaming Pakistan for not doing enough is unjust and unfair as Pakistan is pursuing its own national interests and wherever there is a clash the voices of concern and not doing enough will be raised.

Offshore Pirate Radio Is Dead – Or Is It?

If you were to visit Sotogrande on the southernmost part of Spain’s Costa del Sol and tune into the FM waveband you’d find out that it’s still going strong. Delta Radio International is based on the Motor Vessel Aquarius, an 80 foot long ex-trawler.

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